How to Find the Perfect Gift for Her

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Her

 Every woman is different, and their likes and dislikes are also different, but the secret of picking the perfect gift is to understand the emotions that a gift will spark. The look of surprise and delight when she opens your gift is the most satisfying and rewarding feeling.

Finding gifts can be fun, and gift-giving can be the most enjoyable experience of your relationship. Let us help you pick cool gifts for your wife or a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend or a meaningful gift for your Mom, daughter, coworkers, friends, or any women. 

Here is the quick recipe to pick amazing gifts for any women.

1. Decide on the Gift type. Personal use gift or a general use gift. 

2. What are their likes and interest? But don’t presume.

3. What defines them?

4. Make it about them. 

5. Show them You care. 

6. Make sure your gift will upgrade their life. 

7. Give it a special way. Make the present an event.

So, follow these steps to find memorable gifts that will remind the receiver how you feel about them.

Step 1: Decide if you want to gift a personal use product or a general use gift.

Personal Use Gift :A personal use gift is something the receiver will use personally. From cool headphones to espresso-machine, from app-enabled bike lock to a self-cleaning water bottle. Personal gifts are much more cherished and reflect your thoughtfulness. It shows that you took the time to understand the person instead of just picking up the deal-of-the-day product.

However, you have to be careful when you pick these gifts as they may rub them the wrong way. Gifting a BMI connected weighing-machine to my wife was a bad idea. She thought I was telling her she needs to lose weight!

General Use Gift : On the other hand, a general use gift, like an Espresso Machine (for the coffee drinker) or a music player (My fav is Victrola), is not specific for the user, a lot less personal, and everyone in the family can use them. If you pick a general use gift, make sure to pick something that the receiver is interested in, and that will make it more meaningful to the receiver. Hence pay attention to the next point. 

Step 2 : What are their likes and interest? But don’t Stereotype.

Perhaps this is the most important thing you should do before starting your gift search process. The meaningful gift is the things that reflect your thoughtfulness. Everyone is busy with their daily grind, so give a gift that will make them stop and think about what they love. Every time they will use the gift, they will remember you, and they smile of their face will be a direct result of your thoughtful gift. 

Don’t need to be a detective or stalk them on Social Media to learn about their likes. You already know if they are a fashionista, foodie, pop culture super-fan, or a book lover. Give them something they love. 

Surf our collections by interest. We have something for everyone – from the runner to the travel geek, from the bike enthusiast to the music lover, you will find gifts by interest. 

Step 3: What defines them?

Think about what defines them as a person. Make sure to account for all of it and not just one part of their life. A hard-working Mom can also enjoy the occasional indulgence, so gift them something to indulge. A busy professional can also be very passionate about a cause like the environmental issue, so give them a product that reflects that they care for the environment. Think about all facets of their life, not just the one that you get to see every-day.  

Step 4 : Make it about them.

Make sure to gift them something they love rather than what you want them to love.

You might be into cool tech gadgets, but not everyone is excited by futuristic toys. Some people love nostalgia. Give them something that reminds them of the past, remind them of the great time you had together, or just only the good old days.  

My wife loves gadgets, but guess what happened when I gifted her a Nintendo switch, thinking we can play video games together. Yes, it was returned, and this became an inside joke between my Mom and her. That’s when I decided I need to learn the art of gift-giving.

 Step 5: Show them you care.

Invest not only your money but also your time and effort to make it a personalized gift. Even a simple gift like a wooden cutting board can mean a lot more if you add the wedding anniversary data and a sweet note. I will make them smile and remember that you care about them. Every time they use the gift they will remember you and your relationship. That’s why we at Giftazly believe that gifts are an investment in relationships. 

Step 6: Make sure your gift will upgrade their life.


Step 7:Give it in a special way. Make the present an event.

Not saying you make a big deal out of it, but make sure to present the gift in a way that makes it special. Get creative with the wrapping, leave a note, or simply be there to see them open the gift. You will fondly (or sometimes not so fondly) remember the moment. 

Remember, price tags and money spent on gifts are meaningless if you are not thoughtful.

Buying the perfect gift for a fussy person can be quite tricky because it requires a lot of thinking. Women love thoughtful gifts more than money. So, instead of giving away your salary, you can buy the thoughtful gift that she will love. But not all women like or enjoy the same things – from gadgets to beauty, from kitchen appliances to fashion accessories, the options are unlimited. Spend a few moments to explore our curated selections to pick a top, cool, quirky gifts items in each category. Once you know the type of gift you want to give, we will help you discover the most amazing and memorable gifts.